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David Gillcrist - Executive Director, Project FIND
Project FIND is a "find". This not-for-profit organization, headed by David Gillcrist, executive director, assists seniors in living independently providing housing and essential services. Funded with city, state and private monies, Project FIND operates five senior centers serving over 730 people a day and more than 215,000 meals annually; a range of healthy aging activities; and nearly 600 units of affordable housing with in house social services. Their services are explored on Getting Your Money's worth with Judith West.
Themes: Service Agencies, Housing, Community Programs, Aging
Ann Margaret Carrozza - Attorney, Elder Law and Estate Planning
Trust is a huge issue when considering an Advanced Directive in the event of illness or incapacitation, according to Ann Carrozza, elder law and estate planning attorney. Included in the directive are such items as a Health Care Proxy, Living Will and, most important on the financial side, a Power of Attorney. Carrozza has a complimentary Check List on her website. She offers more information on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Aging, Family, Finance, Legal Matters
Susan Ingram - Eldercare Mediator
With people living to much riper old ages, families face many issues that were not previously in existence. These issues can incur huge costs in emotional currency, causing family disputes and fissions. Fortunately, there is help with making decisions about health care, housing, care giving, financial decisions and that touchy subject: when to take the car keys. Susan Ingram, one of a network of Eldercare Mediators available throughout the U.S., discusses her mediation methods with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Family, Aging
Fay Radding - M.A., R.N., Senior Gerontologist, MetLife Mature Market Institute
Planning for retirement is on the upswing. So is living longer. Faye Radding, senior gerontologist with Metlife Mature Market Institute, talks about planning for the unexpected with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth. She cautions against being a "Wood-Knocker". You know, the type -- hoping that things will "work out". Rather, strive to become a "Preemptive Planner".
Themes: Aging, Retirement
Mark Lachs - M.D., Author, TREAT ME, NOT MY AGE
If you're told you're not feeling well, just because you're getting older, don't believe it. Everyone ages at a different pace. Your birth date does not define your health. Yet this "age-discrimination" runs rampant in our medical system. Dr. Mark Lachs, director of gerontology at New York Presbyterian Healthcare System and author of TREAT ME, NOT MY AGE discusses the issue with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Aging, Health Care
Richard Mollot - Executive Director, Long Term Care Community Coalition
Richard Mollot's group, Long Term Care Community Coalition, watches over and advocates for improved care of residents in assisted living and nursing homes. The executive director of LTCCC, he cares about patients receiving high quality care delivered with patience and social grace. And we're talking about those with Alzheimer's and/or dementia. You should know that this type of care is not the rule -- it is a sad exception. Mollot discusses the options with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Long Term Care, Aging
Nancy Wackstein - Executive Director, United Neighborhood Houses, New York
New York City is comfortable and safe for it's aging population. And working to make New York even safer is Nancy Wackstein, executive director, United Neighborhood Houses. Yet to come, but on the agenda, are benches in front of stores, longer "walk" lights at busy intersections and easily accessible restrooms. Wackstein relates how her organization is providing a valuable service for you and your parents on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Aging, Lifestyle
Ruth Finkelstein - ScD; Vice-President for Health Policy, The New York Academy of Medicine
Aging is not a sentence of frailty, dis-connectedness or isolation. At least, not if you're lucky enough to live in New York City under the watch of Ruth Finkelstein and The Academy of Medicine. Finkelstein, Vice-President of Health Policy, works aggressively to lengthen traffic lights for crossing on major avenues, designated paths for bike riders, benches outside businesses, hygiene facilities -- all to make it easier for aging citizens to live INDEPENDENTLY. With luck, you are going to age -- think: last year's baby boomers are this year's aging. Listen to Finkelstein on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West. Join her in her fight for you.
Themes: Health, Aging
Andrée Aelion Brooks - Journalist, Author, Lecturer
For most of us life is tougher these days. You've lost your job or you know folks who have. If you're able, have some small, informal gatherings in your home. It's great for networking and particularly useful if you've retired or are unemployed. You don't have to serve elaborately and you don't have to have fancy "digs". In fact, Andrée Aelion Brooks has tips on socializing as a replacement for an office setting. As a matter of fact, keep in mind you'll definitely be GETTING YOUR MONEY'S WORTH when you entertain at home. No big bills in a restaurant. She reveals more on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Retirement, Aging
Jeff Gordinier - Editor-at-Large, DETAILS MAGAZINE
It's hard to believe, but the Baby Boomers -- Generation X's 78 million people are turning 60 every 8 seconds. These Boomers are making it easier for everyone to get older. They're staying young, starting a second act, having sex. It's the new 30. For proof, look at capitalism -- Sidney Harman bought NEWSWEEK at 90 and the Reverend Moon, also 90, is buying back the WASHINGTON TIMES. Learn more about generations on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West and Jeff Gordinier, author of GENX and editor-at-large for DETAILS MAGAZINE.
Themes: Lifestyle, Life Choices, Aging
Jonny Bowden - Ph.D., CNS, Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist; Author
Are you looking for a roadmap for not only living longer, but living healthier? Dr. Jonny Bowden, Board Certified Nutritionist, offers an anti-aging strategy on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West. Several of his tips: Eat real food. This doesn't include food with a bar code. Reduce stress -- lower hormones, cortisal. Cortisal leads to all kinds of increased inflamation and seriously increases abdominal fat. One fun tip. Everyone craves sweets once in a while: try frozen cherries with yogurt -- sprinkle on almonds if desired.
Themes: Aging, Health
Vivian Diller, Ph.D. / Jill Muir-Sukenick, Ph.D. - Authors, FACE IT, What Women Really Feel as Their Looks Change
Who doesn't want to get older? Yet, who wants to age? We believe in our accomplishments. We pride ourselves on independence. We're contemporary women confident about our abilities in the twenty-first Century. Well, let's FACE IT! We're worry about wrinkles, gray hair and love-handles. We're in a state of double messages -- we don't want our looks to define us, but we know that youth and beauty are prized. Listen to Drs. Vivan Diller and Jill Muir-Sukenick -- both former models -- talk with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth, about the difficulty in reconciling the two messages: (1) Looks should not matter, and (2) Be smart, be successful, but don't dare to look older.
Themes: Aging, Life Balance, Women
Helene Bergman - LMSW; Founder/Director, Elder Care Alternatives; Certified Care Manager
Caring for an elderly loved one is draining: housing issues, health aides, legal problems and money, money. It's overwhelming. As these problems escalate. You can hire an expert. Helene Bergman is a certified care manager. She's the directof of Elder Care Alternatives. She and her colleagues provide supportive services to caretakers and their families, specializing in guidance for families dealing with Alzheimers.
Themes: Aging
Fay Radding - MA, RN; Senior Gerontologist, MetLife Market Institute
MetLife Mature Market Institute studies issues that go along with aging and longevity. As of January 1, 2010, the oldest "boomer" reached retirement age -- at least what used to be considered retirement age. MetLife discovered what we know in our hearts about life. Nothing beats having meaning and purpose. MetLife Gerontologist Fay Radding discusses their findings with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Retirement, Aging, Longevity, Quality of Life
Jed A. Levine - Director, New York Alzheimers Association
How much time are you willing to dedicate to brain exercise? As much as working out, playing tennis, shopping? Basically, everyone agrees that you should exercise your mind every day to keep it active. Every seventy-one seconds someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with Alzheimers. Jed Levine, Director of the New York Alzheimers Association, provides information on the early warning signs of this disease to Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Health, Aging
Marvin Tolkin - Co-Author, WHEN I'M 64, "Planning for the Best of Your Life"
"When I'm 64" is sung by a young man to his love and is about his plans of growing old with her. The theme of the Beatles song is aging and so is Marvin Tolkin's. Tolkin's theme, much the same as McCartney's, was: How to stay loved, needed, fun, vital -- all those traits us grown-ups worry about. Hear his great prescription on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judth West. By the way, 64 years is 33,661,440 minutes -- a lot of time. McCartney wrote "When I'm 64" when he was sixteen.
Themes: Aging, Quality of Life, Retirement
Donald H. Young - Author, YOU CAN DO IT
Young, former chairman of Invesco Global products, talks plain and honestly with Judith West about financial security. This is a conversation laying out a step-by-step approach to financial security. You know you could be doing a better job but you're probably frustrated and confused. After all, you wouldn't drive from New York to Florida without a navigation or a road map. So why live your life without a financial plan? Get tips from Don on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judth West.
Themes: Finance, Retirement, Money Tips, Aging
Michael E. Goodman - President, Wealthstream Advisors, Inc.
Health care is a hot topic today -- particularly care of seniors -- both for them and their families. These conversations highlighted the need for three important documents: Living Will, Power of Attorney and Do Not Resuscitate Orders. Hear Michael Goodman discuss these issues with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Aging, Health Care, Quality of Life
Mary Bleiberg - Executive Director, ReServe
ReServe, under the leadership of Mary Bleiberg, successfully connects retired men and women with non-profit organizations for pay. It may be a small stipend or it may only cover expenses. But non-profits are getting experience, wisdom and mature work ethics. The mature worker is getting the chance to contribute from the heart and the respect of a little income. Learn more from Ms. Bleiberg on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Aging, Volunteers
Eric C. Rackow - M.D., President/CEO, Senior Bridge
People are living longer. But longer life spans often require skilled caregivers. Particularly for those older citizens and their families who desire living comfortably at home. Listen to Eric Rackow, professor of medicine at New York University and President/CEO of SeniorBridge, outline his company's care management program for older adults and the chronically ill.
Themes: Aging, Quality of Life
Jerry Shereshewsky - CEO, Grandparents.com
The "worm has turned" for grandparents. Young people want them, retailers want them, restaurants want them -- there's even a First Grandmother in the White House. Grandparents are twenty-five percent of the population and have more money than any other group. Learn about it from Jerry Shereshewskyon Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Aging
Alyce Zollman - AAMS, V.P., Financial Consultant, Charles Schwab & Co.
Are you one of the seventy-eight million Baby Boomers turning 60? By the way, this happens in the U.S. every eight seconds. If so, you are already changing traditional expectations and certainly redefining aging. But what about your money? How do Boomers keep from going bust? Hear Alyce Zollman, fiannacial consultant at Charles Schwab, discus her tips with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Aging, Retirement, Finance
Virginia Morris - Author, HOW TO CARE FOR AGING PARENTS
In 2007 Hallmark sold 85,000 Happy 100th Birthday Cards. By the end of 2010, the oldest baby boomers -- 76 million of them -- will turn 65. At the same time that baby boomer's parents are also aging. Who will take care of all these aging parents? Virginia Morris, caretaker herself and author of HOW TO CARE FOR AGING PARENTS, is a nationally recognized authority on parent care. But she's also a daughter who believed it was her responsibility to take care of her Mom. After all, hadn't her Mom taken care of her? Morris speaks out about this dilemma faced by millions on Getting Your Money's worth with Judith West.
Themes: Aging
Ms. Ruth Wooden - Board Chairmen, Civic Ventures; President, Public Agenda
Have you noticed the odd imbalance in this country? We are starving for experienced, wise mentors in our schools, our senior citizens' centers, in our hospitals. And we are enriched with a large number of sixty-five plus in age talented, experienced retirees. How to bridge that gap? Listen to Ruth Wooden, chaiman of the board of Civic Ventures, offer some very good suggestions on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Aging, Retirement
Ronald M. Caplan - M.D., Author, LONG LIFE, A Survival Strategy
Last year Hallmark sold 85,000 Happy One Hundredth Birthday Cards. Dr. Ronald Caplan predicts women can live productive, fulfilling lives well beyond the Biblical threesome and ten. His strategy: view Dr. Caplan on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West
Themes: Aging
Dr. Nir Barzilai - Director, Institute for Aging Research, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Nir Barzilai, former Chief of Medicine of the Israeli Army, directs the Institute for Aging. He profiles the centenarian -- that's right -- 100 year olds. Listen to see if you have the components for successful aging on Getting Yoru Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Aging
 60 Seconds on Value: "The Importance of Forgetting"
Inside every sixty year old is a thirty year old asking, "What Happened?" What happened is that countless meetings, functions, days and nights, went by. They've been forgotten....
Themes: Aging, Life Balance
 60 Seconds on Value: "How long a retirement should you plan for?"
How long a retirement should you plan for? Last year Hallmark sold eighty-five thousand, Happy One-hundredth birthday cards. Your retirement may seem far down the road, but most of us have no idea how we will spend our second half....
Themes: Aging, Retirement
 60 Seconds on Value: "Make Time for Loved Ones"
A friend told this story at his mom's funeral. Only weeks before at his wife's urging, he invited his mom to dinner. Though suspicious, fearing bad news, she happily accepted. "My friends will be so envious."...
Themes: Aging, Nostalgia

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