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Lori Rosen - Managing Partner, U.S., Blacksocks.com
If socks make the man, Blacksocks.com certainly helps. Blacksocks sells you a sockscription and for that you receive all black matching socks quarterly. Your feet are comfortable, fashionably dressed, with no hassles and lots of fun. Lori Rosen, Managing Partner, Blacksocks.com, explains how as unglamourous an item like socks, turned into a business niche with 50,000 loyal customers. Sounds like an American Dream to Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Entrepreneurship, Small Business
Maribeth Kuzmeski - Author, THE CONNECTORS; President, Red Zone Marketing
Can you teach a dinosaur to dance? Or, more importantly, can you teach someone to network in twenty-first Century style? Maribeth Kuzmeski answers that question in her book, THE CONNECTORS. She tells Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth how to create your own "Harvard Network" with your most powerful connections.
Themes: Networking, Communicating, Entrepreneurship
Victor Salama - Acting VP, Field Operations, N.F.T.E.
Entrepreneurship is booming -- for teens. More than ever, teens are paying attention to the economy. They're hungry to learn the skills to start and grow a business. The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship promotes this - in the classroom -- offering classroom institutions curriculum teaching cash flow, balance sheets and startup costs. Every nine seconds, a kid drops out of high school. These efforts at teaching ownership connects kids to the real world and, importantly, dares kids to dream. Victor Salama of NFTE discusses the program with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Entrepreneurship
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More about "Getting Your Money's Worth"

As the title of the show, "Getting your Money's Worth" implies, the show concerns itself with gaining value as a consumer of education, health services or, indeed, as a tax payer. Everyday consumer spending will be included. The dialogue may not present solutions, but certainly will present alternatives in an entertaining and colorful way with experts in their respective fields.

Ms. West, a former educator, is president of Westco, her own privately held company. Westco designs and manufactures fixtures for such blue chip companies as Disney, Universal Studios, the NBC Experience Store and many others. Business people, authors and journalists, educators, politicians and actors will be interviewed in 15-minute segments with civility and dignity. "I don't care what your politics are, if you have a point of view and have a story to tell that is timely, you'll get a chance to freely air your opinion," says the attractive New Yorker.

For more information, please click here. You may also contact Judith West at 212-685-5050, ext. 228, or Judith@GettingYourMoneysWorthNYC.com.

Opinions stated in the interactive areas and discussion forums of Getting Your Money's Worth are not necessarily those of Westco Media or its principal members and operators.


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