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Mark Lachs - M.D., Author, TREAT ME, NOT MY AGE
If you're told you're not feeling well, just because you're getting older, don't believe it. Everyone ages at a different pace. Your birth date does not define your health. Yet this "age-discrimination" runs rampant in our medical system. Dr. Mark Lachs, director of gerontology at New York Presbyterian Healthcare System and author of TREAT ME, NOT MY AGE discusses the issue with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Aging, Health Care
Hung Hsin - Registered Nurse, Visiting Nurse Service of New York
Hung Hsin, known as Joe, is with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York. Joe's office is his car and he is dedicated to delivering the best home health care. Visiting Nurse Services is a bridge for transitioning from an acute care hospital to home. Checking IV's, medicine, dosage, proper nutrition and offering compassion, that's what Joe, as well as his colleagues co in the home, in all kinds of weather. Joe is also "heavy" on the personal touch as you'll learn on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Community Programs, Health Care, Service Agencies
Vanessa Pahlad Singh / David Z. Prince - Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Montefiore Medical Center / M.D., FAAPMR, Director, Cardiac Recover Program, Montefiore Heart Center
Exercise programs are common. But Montefiore Medical Center's cardiac recovery program has a special exercise routine named the "Daisy Plan". The program is three days a week consisting of five minute stints on seven different machines: treadmill, seated elliptical, rowing, stationery bike and Stairmaster -- seven machines, five minutes each. The "Daisy Plan" is named for Daisy McFadden, a triple by-pass survivor of eleven years who recently celebrated her ninety-ninth birthday exercising at the Center and who still lived independently. Her program is monitored by Vanessa Pahlad Singh, exercise physiologist at the Center. Dr. David Prince who leads the Cardiac Recovery Unit cites research of significantly lowered risk of death by those who suffered heart disease and committed to cardiac rehab. They discuss the program with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Health Care, Longevity, Rehabilitation, Community Programs
Concetta M. Tomaino - Executive Director, The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function, Senior Vice-President for Music Therapy, Beth Abraham Family of Health Services
Music unlocks memories. Dr. Concetta Tomaino directs a music therapy program at Beth Abraham Family of Health Services that opens up the world for Alzheimer patients. The emotions that are stimulated by listening to music have a profound effect on stroke and dementia patients. Dr. Tomaino spearheads a program that loads IPods with personal play lists to spread the benefits of music theraphy. She describes the amazing results to Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Health Care, Rehabilitation
Edward A. Kulich - MD, FAAP
Health care is a hot topic. Dr. Edward Kulich describes his entrepreneurial approach to health services for kids to Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth. His 21st Century approach: House Calls! By the way, parenting tips are covered during the same visit for the same fee!
Themes: Health Care, Kids, Entrepreneurs
Michael E. Goodman - President, Wealthstream Advisors, Inc.
Health care is a hot topic today -- particularly care of seniors -- both for them and their families. These conversations highlighted the need for three important documents: Living Will, Power of Attorney and Do Not Resuscitate Orders. Hear Michael Goodman discuss these issues with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Aging, Health Care, Quality of Life
Russell K. Portenoy - MD; Chairman, Department of Pain Medicine an Palliative Care, Beth Israel Medical Center
Are you one of the thirty-six million Americans who take over-the-counter painkillers? You reach in the medicine cabinet when you have a headache, a sore arm after tennis, or a bad back after gardening. But do you know which painkiller to reach for -- Tylenol, Advil or Aspirin? Listen to Dr. Russell Portenoy, Chairman of the Deaprtment of Pain Medicine at Beth Israel Hospital as he offers his guidelines on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Health Care
Svetlana Kogan - MD/Founder, Doctors at Trump Place
As the economy continues to disappoint, diners are eager for deals and reastaurants giving them. Supersized slammowhich for breakfast and three pizzas for lunch are available. Fast food chains are calling these "Big Taste Bailout Packages". Dr. Svetlana Kogan breaks down the relationship of fast food and student obesity on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Dieting, Obesity, Health Care
Peter Pitts - President/Co-Founder, Center for Medicine for the Public Interest; Former FDA Associate Commissioner
As a health care consumer, I'm frustrated and I bet you are too. Peter Pitts, former Associate Commissioner of the Federal Drug Administration, has some experiences and thoughts on the overhaul of this country's health care system. For this huge undertaking, $635 billion dollars has been proposed to be used over the next ten years. Learn more on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Health Care
John Galasso / Dr. Alex M. Eingorn - Producer, Just Laugh, The Movie / Chiropractor
"A day without laughter is a day wasted," said Charlie Chaplain. So say the crew of Just Laugh -- The Movie. Not only is laughter an outlet to stress relief, but research has shown that a good belly laugh helps promote increased blood circulation and build the immune system. And, no matter religion, politics or language, everyone understands a good laugh. Watch John Galasso, Producer, and Dr. Alex Eingorn, Chiropractor, on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Health Care
Dr. Margaret L. Furman - MD, MPH, Department of Cardiology, Beth Israel Medical Center
Heart disease isn't just a man's disease. In fact, nearly twice as many women die of heart disease than all forms of cancer. But you can control and indeed lessen risk despite age or family history. Learn how from Dr. Margaret Furman on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Health Care
Dr. Eric Braverman - M.D.; Director, Place for Achieving Total Health
Thank that you control your weight through your stomach? "Wrong," says Dr. Eric Braverman. Weight loss occurs in yoru brain. "If you find that losing weight is harder than ever, your brain which starts to age as early as thirty, is the culprit", adds Braverman. Learn more on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Health Care
Dr. Betsy McCaughey - Founder/Chairman, RID; Former Lt. Gov., State of New York
There is no reason to catch an infection in the hospital. In fact, these hospital-borne infecftions are now called NEVER events. Best way to prevent says Committee to Reduce Infection Disease (RID) Founder Betsy McCaughey: WASH YOUR HANDS. And insist that all hospital personnel do so also, even including the doctor. And on: doctor's stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, hospital scrubs -- they are all "germy and deadly". Learn more ways to avoid infection on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Health Care
Sally C. Pipes - President/CEO, Pacific Research Institute
President Elect Obama has promised to do what Clinton and Bush didn't: provide successful health care. But: how successful and do we as consumers, want it? Sally Pipes, economist, Canadian and American citizen, says, "We don't". She claims, "If you think health care is expensive now, just wait until it's free." Watch her discuss her views on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Health Care
Health care is referred to as the "health crisis". No one eis happy: not patients, not doctors. Patients and doctors are looking for new solutions. Medical journalist Erik Goldman suggesgts a serious look at integrating holistic, natural medicine with health care. Prevention is a major benefit of this approach. The "why" of this integrated health model is discussed on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Holistic Health Care, Health Care
Dr. Evelyn Higgins - Author, THE MYSTERY TO HAPPINESS
Dr. Evelyn Higgins links wisdom that comes with age to the mystery of happiness. This former advisor to the U.S. Surgeon General on Women's Fitness tells how to live a happier life on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Life Choice, Retirement, Quality of Life, Life Balance, Health Care
Sarah Maria Dreisbach - Founder, Break Free Beauty
Our culture reveres youth and thin. Still, this country has an obesity problem. Listen to Sarah Maria Dreisbach discuss how she rid herself of a negative body obsession and moved on to found Break Free Beauty on Getting Your Moneys Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Life Balance, Dieting, Obesity, Health Care, Quality of Life
 60 Seconds on Value: "The Truth about Chicken Soup"
You may ask, "Is chicken soup really good for a cold?" Anahad O'Connor, columnist for The New York Times, writes: "How proud Mama would be if she knew that chicken soup was all it's cracked up to be....
Themes: Health Care, Nostalgia

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