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Kathleen Kalmes - CFA, Financial Resources Specialist, New York Public Library
SIBL is an acronym for the N.Y. Science, Industry and Business Library on Madison Ave. and 34th Street that offers financial literacy programs. All for free. Library personnel give information, not advice, but Certified Financial Planners are available from the N. Y. Financial Planning Association for one-on-one consultations. Programs include classes, literature and data bases, credit crises counseling and a job search center. This month, anyone with an income of $48,000 or less can receive assistance in filing their taxes on line. Kathleen Kalmes, Financial Resources Specialist for the library gives Money Matters information to Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Finances, Money Tips, Retirement
Kate Maxwell - Editor-in-Chief, JETSETTER
JETTERSETTER.com is an on-line concierge service for members only, but membership is open to everyone. Specialty is matching travelers up with curated hotels, hotels that have been vetted by a Jetsetter correspondents who have actually slept in the rooms, ordered room service and tried out Wi-Fi services. For $200 you can get three hours of planning services for one trip. Hotels have actually been pulled from the service due to bad feed-back from consumers. They offer a Flash for limited sales of up to 30 to 50 percent hotel discounts. Members receive weekly or monthly emails. Kate Maxwell, editor-in-chief, JETSETTER, gives more information to Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Travel, Customer Service, Money Tips
Joelle Saad-Lessler - Ph.D., Statistician, Bernard Schwartz Center for Economic Policy, The New School for Social Research
Two ingredients are needed for a healthy economy: consumers buying and businesses creating jobs. "Even though there's a gridlock in Washington, you have to believe that everyone is concerned about what's best for the country," says Joelle Saad-Lessler. She asserts that Social Security is a tremendously successful program. Before Social Security, being old was synonymous with being destitute. Get some practical advice to plan for your future on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Finance, Retirement, Money Tips
Larry Swedroe - Principal, Director of Research, Buckingham Asset Management, LLC
"When you have enough, stop playing the game -- don't try to get more," advises financial guru Larry Swedroe. Principal and director of research, Buckingham Asset Management, Swedroe says 401K is not a financial plan. A plan lays out your ability, your willingness and need to take risks to define your financial goal. Best advice: start young, devise a plan and be diversified in your investments. "A good advisor keeps you disciplined." His advice for older folks who haven't planned for retirement or lost their savings? Worst thing is to do nothing. Create a new plan and don't convert desires into needs. Important things in life are either free or cheap. Swedroe gives more tips on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Finance, Retirement, Money Tips
Jennifer Openshaw - CEO, SuperFutures
You have kids, either headed for college or there. But you and your college-bound are also consumers. College is like, or more important than, any other purchase. You don't buy a house without inspection; you don't buy a car without test-driving. So why invest up to a quarter million dollars without knowing the track record of a school, whether the school is right for you kids, and certainly what other options exist. Judith West talks with Jennifer Openshaw of SuperFutures about college choices on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Higher Education, Money Tips
Brian Ek - Senior Travel Analyst, PriceLine.com
It's not too late to get a deal on holiday travel. Airline capacity is down, prices are higher, but you don't have to pay through the nose. You can access Priceline's last minute deals: Price Breakers. Or you can try close to the date of your trip: Name Your Own Price. But before hitting the website, get tips from Brian Ek, PriceLine's Senior Travel Analyst, on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Travel, Money Tips
Kal Chany - Founder/President, Campus Consultants; Author, PAYING FOR COLLEGE WITHOUT GOING BROKE
If paying for college wasn't bad enough, you're now planning for it or doing it in the midst of a watered down economy. Need help? Kal Chany on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West gives some tips on easing the burden. His latest edition of PAYING FOR COLLEGE WITHOUT GOING BROKE just came out. He reminds everyone that financial aid goes to the savviest applicants, not necessarily the neediest.
Themes: Finance, Higher Education, Money Tips
Chris Dlugozima - Community Relations Coordinator/Certified Consumer Credit Counselor, Greenpath Debt Solutions
Debt management allows for successfully passing the eight-hour test -- in other words, sleeping through the night. Greenpath, accredited by the National foundation for Credit Counseling, offers down-to-earth credit counseling and debt negotiation. You can listen, get some basic financial tips -- all with no money. Direct negotioation comes with a fee. But Chris Dlugozima, credit counselor with Greenpath, offers potential ways to start sleeping all night on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Fianance, Money Tips, Service Agencies
Juan Maldonado - Sr. Financial Coach, The Financial Clinic, New York, NY
Juan Maldonado has been called the "Common Man's" Charles Schwab. He works at The Financial Clinic, wearing a Wall Street Banker's outfit of dark suit, white shirt and classic tie. And, no wonder. He formerly worked on Wall Street. Now he's the last stop on the F subway in Queens, NY, next door to a Used Car Lot. And he's helping people renegotiating interest on a J.C. Penny bill or avoiding selling a last family inheritance to a Pawn Shop. Importantly, he teaches people, despite their lifetime of debt, to save. Maldonado, himself, learned the hard way, growing up relying on Welfare and food stamps. He recounts his story to Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Finance, Money Tips, Second Chance
Sanyika Calloway Boyce - Financial Fitness Coach
What is a Financial Fitness Coach? Sanyika Calloway Boyce outlines basic financial principles for managing your money on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West. It's really Financial Literacy 101 for establishing a sound financial foundation. Interest rates, late fees, retirement accounts, finance charges -- can all be managed. It's never too late to start a new financial life!
Themes: Finance, Retirement, Money Tips
Chuck Stewart - Ph.D., Author, BANKRUPT YOUR STUDENT LOANS
Negotiating debt is tough. But toughest if you are in student loan debt. Student debt robs the economy. In today's poor economy, students are taking on more personal debt than they probably should. Further adding to the delimma is the fact that college costs have risen at an annual rate of 5 percent above inflation for the last decade. College grads have such a mountain of debt when they graduate that, even when they find a job, their consumer spending is diminished. Chuck Stewart has some advice to lend on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Finance, Education, Money Tips, Recession
Edward Mermelstein - Real Estate Attorney; Founder, Edward A. Mermelstein Associates
The housing market is in a recovery mode, we are told. Real Estate Attorney Edward Mermelstein advises homeowners on their own recovery with emphasis on protecting against foreclosures. Mermelstein's point of view is rooted in the law but, importantly, retains an entrepreneurial spirit for guidance to homeowners. He discusses his philosophy with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Real Estate, Money Tips, Recession
Donald H. Young - Author, YOU CAN DO IT
Young, former chairman of Invesco Global products, talks plain and honestly with Judith West about financial security. This is a conversation laying out a step-by-step approach to financial security. You know you could be doing a better job but you're probably frustrated and confused. After all, you wouldn't drive from New York to Florida without a navigation or a road map. So why live your life without a financial plan? Get tips from Don on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judth West.
Themes: Finance, Retirement, Money Tips, Aging
Cassandra Toroian - Founder, Bell Rock Capital; Author, DON'T BUY THE BULL
Best thing to do, stay invested, stay the course. Now is time to buy low and hold for ten, fifteen, twenty years. If you don't know what stocks to buy, buy an index fund. Sound good? Cassandra Toroian in her book says, "No". In fact, she summarized her investment philosophy in her book: DON'T BUY THE BULL. She makes a personal case for dispelling money-myths in this new economy on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Finance, Investing, Money Tips
Susie Coelho - Founder/CEO, Susie Coelho, Lifestyle Expert, Best-Selling Author
Money is tight but you want to entertain. Coelho style diva has good practical tips: Shop for holiday deals at the 99 cent store; Instead of a fully stocked bar, make it chocolate and bubbly wine. Handmade cards are great family momentos and great ornaments. Use pine cones -- spray with gold paint to preserve and they are beautiful Get more styling tips from Coelho on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West
Themes: Money Tips, Lifestyle
Gerry Frank in his book, WHERE TO FIND IT, BUY IT, EAT IT, writes about New York. If you're ordering your bagel with a "smear", or stoppoing for a "slice", you're a New Yorker. You don't buy your bagels from a grocer and you give directions to the cabbie. Have a yearning for Greek? See Gerry's book. French, German, Thai, whatever your heart and stomach desires, find it in Gerry's book. Get his dining tips on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Food, Money Tips, Dining
Susan Samtur - Coupon Queen
Susan Samtur "Cashes In" at the checkout counter. She uses coupons, in-store discounts, manufacturer's rebates and lables to cut her grocery bills by a LOT. The Coupon Queen brings you her system on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West. Listen and learn!
Themes: Money Tips
If there was ever a time to hear how to spend smarter and save better -- without sacrificing your social life -- it's now! Learn how five smart women with varied careers joined together to form a money club -- it's like Weight Watchers with money. You'll enjoy listening to Jennifer Barrett talk about the Five Smart Cookies Guide to Making Dough on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Money Tips, Finance
Dennis Blitz - Author, SAVE SMART, EARN MORE
Are you worried about your retirement? Are you saving for your future? Dennis Blitz in SAVE SMART, EARN MORE says that investing your money smartly is the key. "No one can save enough to make up for poor investment performance." What is the most important questions as an investor you must ask? Find out on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Retirement, Investing, Money Tips
Greg Karp - Author, LIVING RICH BY SPENDING SMART, How to Get More Out of What You Really Want
Spending too much? Instead, change to spending smart. "Spending smart can even inspire your sex life," says Greg Karp who gives tips from his book, LIVING RICH BY SPENDING SMART on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Finance, Money Tips
If you're working hard, playing by the rules and broke, listen to Robert Shemin. Voted "least likely to succeed", yet author of HOW COME THAT IDIOT'S RICH AND I'M NOT? Oh, he's the rich idiot.
Themes: Money Tips, Entrepreneurs, Finance
Brett Wilder - Certified Financial Planner; Author, THE QUIET MILLIONAIRE
Brett Wilder, financial adviser and author of THE QUIET MILLIONAIRE, reveals his formula for avoiding financial trouble. Hear his tips on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West and download his worksheets on QuietMillionaire.com
Themes: Money Tips, Entrepreneurs, Finance
"Tips on Investing from Warren Buffett"
Warren Buffett, America's most famous investor, is confident. And he's on a buying spree. He used the past eighteen months to pick up value....
Themes: Money Tips, Finance, Investing
 60 Seconds on Value: "Extended Product Warranties"
Just say "no" to an extended product warranty. They are a bad deal....
Themes: Consumerism, Money Tips
 60 Seconds on Value: "Too Much House"
For too many years, too many people bought too much house. How to avoid?...
Themes: Real Estate, Housing, Money Tips
 60 Seconds on Value: "Dollars Stretched Tight"
With dollars stretched tight, it never hurts to ask for a discount. But be friendly and polite....
Themes: Money Tips
 60 Seconds on Value: "Tips for Common Problems"
BOTTOM LINE NEWSLETTER published tips for common problems....
Themes: Money Tips
"Interview with Susan Samtur, Coupon Queen "
I recently interviewed Susan Samtur, Coupon Queen. Boy, does she save money on coupons....
Themes: Money Tips
 60 Seconds on Value: "Eat for Less"
Eat for less and enjoy more when cooking at home. Avoid bottled salad dressings. Instead, mix three parts olive oil to one part vinegar, salt, pepper and Dijon mustard....
Themes: Consumers, Dieting, Dining, Money Tips
 60 Seconds on Value: "How to Reduce Your Spending"
Are you looking for ways to cut back on your spending? Jeff Yeager, author of The Cheapskate's Road Map to True Riches, suggests: have buyer's remorse before you buy....
Themes: Consumers, Finance, Money Tips

More about "Getting Your Money's Worth"

As the title of the show, "Getting your Money's Worth" implies, the show concerns itself with gaining value as a consumer of education, health services or, indeed, as a tax payer. Everyday consumer spending will be included. The dialogue may not present solutions, but certainly will present alternatives in an entertaining and colorful way with experts in their respective fields.

Ms. West, a former educator, is president of Westco, her own privately held company. Westco designs and manufactures fixtures for such blue chip companies as Disney, Universal Studios, the NBC Experience Store and many others. Business people, authors and journalists, educators, politicians and actors will be interviewed in 15-minute segments with civility and dignity. "I don't care what your politics are, if you have a point of view and have a story to tell that is timely, you'll get a chance to freely air your opinion," says the attractive New Yorker.

For more information, please click here. You may also contact Judith West at 212-685-5050, ext. 228, or Judith@GettingYourMoneysWorthNYC.com.

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