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William Procida - Founder, CEO, Procida Funding & Advisors LLC
"Real estate always goes up. It's just a matter of time," states William Procida, founder/CEO, Procida Funding and Advisors LLC. "Real estate values have gone up over the past 200 years and now is the best time to buy a home -- no question," he advises. When considering buying a home, buy it because you like it and want to live in it. Ten years from now it's going to be worth a lot more. Mortgages are available, just not as easy to get. Some loans are as low as 3 percent down; however, you should really put 10 percent down. Commercial developers are in the same shape as home owners with investments worth much less at the moment than the original costs. If you're in trouble and trying to save your home, keep talking to the bank. They don't want your house. Learn more from Procida on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Real Estate, Investing, Housing Tips
Frank Pallotta - Executive Vice-President/Managing Partner, Loan Value Group LLC
Where does responsibility of homeowner collide with bad lending practices of banks? What options are open to homeowners? Is a strategic default acceptable morally? Frank Pallota discusses these questions and explains a private label Responsible Homeowner Reward Program with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Housing, Real Estate, Finance
Edward Mermelstein - Real Estate Attorney; Founder, Edward A. Mermelstein Associates
The housing market is in a recovery mode, we are told. Real Estate Attorney Edward Mermelstein advises homeowners on their own recovery with emphasis on protecting against foreclosures. Mermelstein's point of view is rooted in the law but, importantly, retains an entrepreneurial spirit for guidance to homeowners. He discusses his philosophy with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Real Estate, Money Tips, Recession
Louis Kilkenny - COO, Neighborhood Housing Service of New York
A bright light in the dim real estate market is Neighborhood Housing Services of New York. This organization, privately funded, counsels families on how to buy houses and, importantly, how to afford them. While their core demography is middle low-income, their customer education and honesty is available to everyone. For those who qualify, renovation loans, again with counseling, are available. NHSNYC COO Louis Kilkenny provides more value with Judith west on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Housing, Real Estate, Community Programs, Service Agencies
Dave Muti - Author, MORTGAGES: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW; Senior Mortgage Planner
Mortgage does not have to be a dirty word. Listen to Dave Muti on Getting Your Money's Worth and learn the top ten mistakes to avoid. You will get value even if you (1) already have a mortgage; (2) don't own but hope to buy; (3) want to refinance; and (4) want to learn about finance.
Themes: Real Estate
Mitch Cohen - Franchisee, HomeVestors
The real estate market has few bright spots. But for buyers who are qualified, HomeVestors, Inc., is a phone call worth making. And for homeowners who are forced to sell, HomeVestors, Inc., is also a phone call away. As always listen carefully and wait a few days to decide. Mitch Cohen describes the philosophy behind his company with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Real Estate
Donna M. Dazzo - President, Designed to Appeal
Whether buyer or seller, you should know about home styling specialists. Sellers love their family photos and heirloom "tchatckas." and buyers look at them as clutter. Staging specialists see your house with buyer's eyes. They flip the presentation of house to home for SOMEONE ELSE. Check this concept out with Donna Dazzo, president of Designed to Appeal, on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Real Estate
No matter what your stage in life, second homes provide options and, even in a fluctuating real estate market, provide income opportunities. For fun, for retirement, for investment, whatever your goals may be, listen to Christine Karpinski offer tips on Getting Your Money's Worth, with Judith West.
Themes: Real Estate
 60 Seconds on Value: "Too Much House"
For too many years, too many people bought too much house. How to avoid?...
Themes: Real Estate, Housing, Money Tips

More about "Getting Your Money's Worth"

As the title of the show, "Getting your Money's Worth" implies, the show concerns itself with gaining value as a consumer of education, health services or, indeed, as a tax payer. Everyday consumer spending will be included. The dialogue may not present solutions, but certainly will present alternatives in an entertaining and colorful way with experts in their respective fields.

Ms. West, a former educator, is president of Westco, her own privately held company. Westco designs and manufactures fixtures for such blue chip companies as Disney, Universal Studios, the NBC Experience Store and many others. Business people, authors and journalists, educators, politicians and actors will be interviewed in 15-minute segments with civility and dignity. "I don't care what your politics are, if you have a point of view and have a story to tell that is timely, you'll get a chance to freely air your opinion," says the attractive New Yorker.

For more information, please click here. You may also contact Judith West at 212-685-5050, ext. 228, or Judith@GettingYourMoneysWorthNYC.com.

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