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Kate Maxwell - Editor-in-Chief, JETSETTER
JETTERSETTER.com is an on-line concierge service for members only, but membership is open to everyone. Specialty is matching travelers up with curated hotels, hotels that have been vetted by a Jetsetter correspondents who have actually slept in the rooms, ordered room service and tried out Wi-Fi services. For $200 you can get three hours of planning services for one trip. Hotels have actually been pulled from the service due to bad feed-back from consumers. They offer a Flash for limited sales of up to 30 to 50 percent hotel discounts. Members receive weekly or monthly emails. Kate Maxwell, editor-in-chief, JETSETTER, gives more information to Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Travel, Customer Service, Money Tips
Bill McGee - Consultant/Travel Editor, Consumers Union
Flying is not as much fun as it used to be and a lot more expensive. Fees are tacked on to every amenity: checked bags, refreshments, even blankets and pillows. Bill McGee, Consultant with the Consumers Union and consumer advocate on the U.S. Department of Transportation's Future of Aviation Advisory Committee, talks about the reduced capacity of flights, the high price of gasoline and other issues confronting consumers. The most serious issue is safety. Airlines outsource maintenance, not always in the U.S., inhibiting the Federal Aviation Administration's on-site inspections. Get more tips for flyers on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Travel, Consumer, Finance
Linda Kundell - Spokesperson, US Travel Insurance Association
Wonder whether you should purchase travel insurance when taking a trip? Linda Kundell, spokesperson for the US Travel Insurance Association, makes a good case for the industry with Judtih West on Getting Your Money's Worth. For instance, did you know that under an umbrella policy you can be covered for financial, medical and delayed trips? Financial coverage gets you refunds if you have to cancel your trip. Medical coverage is granted for injuries or illnesses you may sufer during your trip and reimbursement for delays can cover hotels, meals and assist with rearranging your travel schedule. Insurance can range between 4 to 8 percent of your ticket cost.
Themes: Insurance, Finance, Travel
Brian Ek - Senior Travel Analyst, PriceLine.com
It's not too late to get a deal on holiday travel. Airline capacity is down, prices are higher, but you don't have to pay through the nose. You can access Priceline's last minute deals: Price Breakers. Or you can try close to the date of your trip: Name Your Own Price. But before hitting the website, get tips from Brian Ek, PriceLine's Senior Travel Analyst, on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Travel, Money Tips
David Chien - Director of Marketing, Gray Line New York
For a value-packed fun day with a touch of Europe, ride one of Gray Line's premier double-decker buses. Operating daily, you can hop on-hop off throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. You get a fully guided tour in English, Spanish, Italian or French. The tours are all-in-one: interesting listening, convenient -- get off, shop -- hop on -- and highly entertaining. fresh air and plenty of New York "people watching". Gray Line offers a variety of fun-filled venues. Learn more from David Chien, marketing director, on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Travel
Offer Gat - CEO, El Al Airlines
El Al Airlines has the best on-time arrival in the airline industry. This record coupled with intensive security measures comes from an airline obsessed with staff training. A culture of pride and care is reinforced throughout employees on the ground and in the air. Passengers are pre-screened before interviewing at point of departure. This debriefing is done by El Al Airlines personnel in addition to the contracted TSA employees. Baggage is also checked by the airlines own staff. All pilots are former Israeli Air Force pilots. Learn more about El Al from Offer Gat, CEO, on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Travel
Since a kid, you've dreamed of a perfect honeymoon spot-- or you're a couple celebrating twenty-five years of marriage -- or you're grandparents wishing to celebrate a special birthday with an extended family trip. Should you spend the money and where should you go? Getting Your Money's Worth says, "Yes", spend the money. Stuff goes out of style but memories last forever. Jim Strong, family travel expert, tells you where, while talking to Judith West.
Themes: Travel, Nostalgia
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As the title of the show, "Getting your Money's Worth" implies, the show concerns itself with gaining value as a consumer of education, health services or, indeed, as a tax payer. Everyday consumer spending will be included. The dialogue may not present solutions, but certainly will present alternatives in an entertaining and colorful way with experts in their respective fields.

Ms. West, a former educator, is president of Westco, her own privately held company. Westco designs and manufactures fixtures for such blue chip companies as Disney, Universal Studios, the NBC Experience Store and many others. Business people, authors and journalists, educators, politicians and actors will be interviewed in 15-minute segments with civility and dignity. "I don't care what your politics are, if you have a point of view and have a story to tell that is timely, you'll get a chance to freely air your opinion," says the attractive New Yorker.

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